Rapper and Producer Ygtheboy On Charting iTunes Top 100 With His Single “Flexin” and More

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Recent inspirational drill hit “Flexin” by Ygtheboy was a sensational song that brought a new look onto how the drill sound can be diversified in hip hop. The song charted at #61 on the iTunes Top 100 charts. Ygtheboy created a sound that contains the original Jersey club sound with a unique style used in popularity to hip hop. The name of the song,” Flexin” reflects on him bringing the mood of “flexing” on his ex love life and using that energy in the club scene. This vocalist brought out a new sound that includes his emotional ride in the drill-club scene. The sound that Double-Z produced on this song took over the studio for Ygtheboy and he turned this Jersey club beat into a new-age hip hop anthem.

After “Flexin” was released it quickly trended to amassing more than one hundred thousand streams on SoundCloud, receiving more attention on other streaming platforms. Ygtheboy plans to drop more singles in the drill sound and has new songs for his listeners to anticipate this year. Outside of making his own music as an artist, Ygtheboy said, he has his sights on writing for other artists while producing.

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