$NOT & ZillaKami Electrify in '0%' Video – A Must-Watch

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Experience the electrifying collaboration of $NOT and ZillaKami in their latest single, '0%'. The video single, brimming with energy and raw talent, showcases the unique styles of both artists. Filmed in a dynamic setting, it features $NOT in a sleek soundstage alongside high-end visuals and ZillaKami in a rugged, dystopian landscape. This high octane video, directed by the talented JMP, perfectly mirrors the song's dual nature. Produced by Joe Reeves and The Elements in London, '0%' is a testament to $NOT's commitment to his underground roots, even as his fame escalates.

The single marks a thrilling start to 2024, with $NOT delivering sharp lyrics over intense basslines and haunting melodies. ZillaKami adds his distinctive touch with a double-time flow. As $NOT continues to rise, this new release is a clear indicator of his evolving artistry. Get ready to be captivated by this gripping visual and auditory experience from two of the most dynamic artists in the music scene today.

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