Masta Ace & Marco Polo Take Over with 'Richmond Hill' Album

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Brooklyn's rap legends, Masta Ace & Marco Polo, are hitting the charts again with their new album 'Richmond Hill'. Picking up where their 2018 release left off, this album offers a deep dive into their musical and personal journeys. Marco Polo's production is a blend of nostalgic soul samples and crisp beats, setting the stage for Masta Ace's lyrical expertise.

The album features a star-studded lineup including Inspectah Deck, Che Noir, Blu and others, adding diverse voices to this rich tapestry of sound. Tracks like 'Certified' showcase Masta Ace's ability to engage with contemporary artists, while 'Jordan Theory' offers a critical look at consumer culture. Marco Polo's childhood stories add a personal touch, making the album relatable and heartfelt. 'Below The Clouds' is a standout track where dreams and reality collide in a lyrical dance. The album's single, 'Life Music', has already made waves with its compelling storytelling and catchy beat.

Every track in 'Richmond Hill' is a piece of art, reflecting the duo's dedication to their craft. Fans of real, raw hip-hop will find this album a treasure trove of beats and bars. Available on all digital platforms and vinyl, 'Richmond Hill' is a testament to the enduring power of hip-hop.

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