Lil Dicky Releases "PENITH" - The Ultimate DAVE Soundtrack

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Check out "PENITH," the latest album by Lil Dicky, known for his role in the hit show DAVE. This album features 22 songs, each showcasing Lil Dicky's unique talent and evolution as an artist. The new music video for "HAHAHA" is also out now, showcasing an intriguing and humorous narrative. Lil Dicky, both co-writer and producer of this track, brings his distinctive style to life.

This album is a significant release for Lil Dicky, coming eight years after his last studio album. It's a showcase of his artistic journey and a fusion of his TV show's essence with his musical creativity. "PENITH" is a celebration of Lil Dicky's talent and is set to captivate his fans with its unique blend of music and storytelling.

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