HD.Picasso Drops Hot New Single "808"

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Check out HD.Picasso, the New Jersey rapper making waves with his latest release, "808". This single is a fusion of mesmerizing beats and razor-sharp lyrics. HD.Picasso brings his unique style, blending introspective verses with a hard-hitting hook. His dynamic flow, reminiscent of a switchblade, adds an edgy vibe to the track. "808" is more than just a song; it's a showcase of HD.Picasso's journey through trials and tribulations.

The music video, directed by Rock Davis, complements the song perfectly. It features HD.Picasso cruising with friends, building up to a house party, and reflecting the song's intense energy. Following his previous hit "Fisherman", "808" is quickly becoming a favorite in New York and New Jersey. HD.Picasso's story, marked by struggles including incarceration and loss, is woven into his music. His EP, Diane’s GrandBaby, is a testament to his resilience and talent. With "808", HD.Picasso continues to redefine the rap game.

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