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Your unique name is memorable. Can you share the story behind 'Chris Crack'?

My original name was "Spitta" or "Crack Spitta," but after being told I had to change it due to Curre$y, my big homies from "Project Mayhem" dubbed me "Chris Crack" right there on the spot. Lol.

Growing up in Chicago, how has the city shaped you personally and musically?

Chicago made me a real n*gga. Most people I meet from other places aren't very real. It's mainly not their fault, but yet still applies.

You've been incredibly prolific over the past few years. What drives your creative output?

I don't pay any attention to what anybody else is doing. Wanting to be the absolute best is what drives me, and it's how I keep my ideas fresh.

You've maintained a strong independent streak. What are the challenges and rewards?

Putting in the work is hard, but when you do, the fruits from your labor are plentiful.

How do you decide on the themes for your albums?

All my albums are themed after how I'm feeling at the moment most of the time.

You've worked with various producers and artists. How do you choose your collaborators?

I like to do what other people aren't most of the time.

Visuals are an important part of your releases. How do you approach this aspect?

I just let my mind do the work. I'm not really all there most of the time, lol.

How do you see yourself within Chicago's diverse music scene?

I don't limit myself to the Chicago music scene because it's too gatekept by goofies, and none of the goofies should even have the key. I'm definitely connected to the Project Mayhem movement fa sho.

What's your philosophy behind the way you release music?

Music is like a fight to the death. I'm not gonna tell you where I'm going to hit you or what it'll be with.

Can you share a pivotal moment in your career?

Meeting one of the members of Project Mayhem on a routine pharmaceutical transaction and giving him my mixtape definitely "put me on." He tweeted that same night, "this n*gga cold!"

How important is it for you to use your platform to address personal experiences and societal issues?

Our platform is all we have. I couldn't/wouldn't dare use my platform for any sambo coon sh*t.

Who or what are your biggest influences?

Missy, Wayne, Fab, Cass, Percy Miller are what my whole style is made up of, on and off the court.

What can fans expect from Chris Crack in the future?

Now, you know I can't tell you that, lol. Just expect a lot of fly sh*t coming from my way.

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