D'Shaun Unveils 'S'mores & RumChata' Video

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D'Shaun Unveils S'mores & RumChata Video
Step into 2024 with D'Shaun's latest track "S'mores & RumChata". The Texas artist starts the year strong, offering both audio and visual delights in this new release. The song delves into the dynamics of a growing relationship, showcasing D'Shaun's skillful lyricism. With lines like 'I’m trying to hold on to your handles like a mountain biker', he paints a vivid romantic narrative. The track, inspired by a memorable relationship, introduces the unique combination of s'mores and RumChata. Its catchy chorus and smooth production by Ro$eGold add to its charm. The video, directed by D'Shaun and edited by Andrew D Rose, beautifully portrays the connection between him and his love interest. Experience the allure of 'S'mores & RumChata' and anticipate the upcoming album CRWN, promising to be D'Shaun's finest work to date. Remember, February 20th is the day for an exceptional musical journey.

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