DC The Don & 6LACK's Visual Magic in 'Out Of Body' Video

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In their latest visual spectacle, DC The Don and 6LACK take us through an emotional journey in 'Out Of Body.' This music video, a standout track from DC's album FUNERAL (DELUXE), showcases a blend of heartfelt melodies and intimate storytelling. As DC The Don's first album to feature a guest artist, 6LACK's addition elevates the song, creating a haunting yet relatable narrative about lost love. The Milwaukee rapper's artistic growth shines, presenting a mix of indie and alternative rock influences in his latest work. From the gripping 'melatonin' to the energetic '12AM,' FUNERAL (DELUXE) is a showcase of DC The Don's diverse musical range. His collaboration with 6LACK in 'Out Of Body' is a testament to his evolving artistry. With over a million streams for 'Tell Shyanne' and a spot in the 2023 XXL Freshman Class, DC The Don's journey is a thrilling one to follow.

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