Bas Releases 'Decent' Video with Amaarae

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Bas Releases 'Decent' Video with Amaarae
Bas' latest music video, "Decent," featuring Amaarae, is a must-watch. Directed by Danaé Gosset, this animated masterpiece showcases the dynamic between Bas and his partner. It's a deep dive into their relationship, artistically presented with a blend of music and visual storytelling. The video echoes the complexities of love, ambition, and artistic life. Fans of Bas will find this video a captivating addition to his fourth studio album, "We Only Talk About Real Sht When We’re Fcked Up." The video not only highlights Bas' lyrical prowess but also brings to the forefront Amaarae's unique style. It's a creative exploration of themes like balance, passion, and the pursuit of success in an artist's life. Every frame of the video is a testament to Bas' artistic vision and storytelling capabilities. A visual treat that goes beyond the ordinary music video format, "Decent" stands out in Bas' discography.

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