Ariana Grande Unveils New Single 'Yes, And?'

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Ariana Grande, the multi-platinum, GRAMMY® Award-winning superstar, just dropped her latest single 'Yes, And?' and it's already taking the music world by storm. Released under Republic Records, this track showcases Grande's unparalleled vocal talent and artistic evolution. Fans got a sneak peek earlier this week on social media, sparking a frenzy of excitement. The song, a masterpiece crafted in New York City, is the product of Grande's collaboration with industry giants Max Martin and Ilya Salmanzadeh. Its catchy melody, combined with Ariana's signature style, makes it an instant classic. If you're looking for a song that encapsulates Grande's evolving artistry, look no further than 'Yes, And?'. It's a testament to her growth as an artist and her ability to consistently push the boundaries of pop music.

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