YTB Fatt Drops 'Foxes Only' Album

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YTB Fatt's latest project, "Foxes Only", is a thrilling ride through his unique rap style. This album cements his position in the rap world, showcasing his exceptional talent. In "Foxes Only", YTB Fatt narrates street tales and shows off his rapid-fire delivery, proving he can keep pace with the best. The album features rap heavyweights like Lil Yachty, GloRilla, and Baby Drill, each adding their flair. What stands out, however, is Fatt's ability to dominate every track. The project, a follow-up to the "Fox Prelude EP", demonstrates his growth as an artist. The track "Gangsta Of The Year" highlights his journey and aspirations in the rap industry. With this release, YTB Fatt is not just making waves but creating a legacy. His previous mixtape, "Who Is Fatt", already set the stage, and "Foxes Only" raises the bar even higher.

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