Toosii's 'IDGAF' - Emotional Beats Meet Raw Lyrics

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Toosii's 'IDGAF' - Emotional Beats Meet Raw Lyrics
Triple platinum artist Toosii just dropped 'IDGAF', a single that combines heartfelt lyrics with a powerful musical backdrop. Released through South Coast Music Group/Capitol Records, this track delves into the artist's personal experiences of pain and triumph. The music video, directed by Timothy “NoRatchetss” Williams, gives fans a glimpse of Toosii's tour life, balancing fun with on-stage thrill. 'IDGAF' marks another milestone in Toosii's career, following his hit album NAUJOUR and successful singles like 'Favorite Song.' The song not only reflects Toosii's journey but also underscores his evolving artistry in the music scene. 'IDGAF' stands out with its emotional depth and Toosii's unique style, further establishing his place in contemporary music.

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