Taleban Dooda Unveils "Dat Youngin" Featuring Lil Poppa

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Discover Taleban Dooda's emotional single 'Dat Youngin' featuring Lil Poppa. This track is a standout in Taleban Dooda's repertoire, combining blues guitar with piano melodies for a unique sound. His voice brings an authentic touch, delivering a song that's heartfelt and dedicated to resilience. Lil Poppa's cameo adds a layer of raw truth. 'Dat Youngin' follows Taleban Dooda's successful tracks like 'Look Back For No One' and 'I Didn't Know,' adding to his growing legacy. His project 'Taleban vs. Dooda' has already hit over 3.5 million streams, showing his impact in the music scene. With songs like 'Going Global' and 'Mind of a Maniac,' Dooda's diverse talent shines. 'Dat Youngin' invites listeners into Dooda's evolving musical journey, offering an experience full of depth and emotion.

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