Sugarhill Ddot and BBG Steppaa Bring Heat with 'Spinnin' Pt. 2'

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Sugarhill Ddot and BBG Steppaa Bring Heat
Sugarhill Ddot joins forces again with BBG Steppaa to unleash 'Spinnin' Pt. 2', lighting up the New York hip-hop scene. This new hit from Priority Records continues the momentum from their summer hit 'Spinnin'. AyyoLucas and Kosfinger's gritty production underpins this track, characterized by sharp lyrics and a pulsating beat. As Sugarhill Ddot carves his path in the NYC drill music scene, his talent shines brightly. Accompanied by a captivating video directed by Rari Digital, the song captures New York's raw urban vibe. Ddot's compelling lyrics and BBG's energetic verse create a powerful musical synergy. Following hits like 'My Baby' and '3AM In The Yams', and collaborations like with Luh Tyler, Ddot's trajectory in the music industry is remarkable. His self-released tracks have garnered millions of views, proving his widespread appeal. With 'Spinnin' Pt. 2', Sugarhill Ddot confirms his place in the music world, having already amassed over 46 million streams in the U.S.

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