Portland's Iamjordan Delivers To The Max On "Hollywood Lights" Live Performance

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Iamjordan is a talented emcee inspired by legends like Jay-Z, Kanye West, and more. His introspective track "Hollywood Lights" showcases his rare approach to rap by blending emotion with creativity. His vocal tone is unique, and his subject matter helps create a cinematic approach to music. He has secured sync partnerships with the NFL and Overtime Elite.

Although he started as a rapper, he leaned more into singing after the unfortunate passing of his grandmother. "Hollywood Lights" has helped the Portland-bred singer/songwriter create an instant bond with his fans. The song tackles the perils of fame and discusses what is necessary to survive in the entertainment industry. What would you trade to have everything you ever wanted? That's the question this striking track poses to listeners and Iamjordan himself.


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