Jay Fizzle's Memphis Rise Captured in Dynamic "YBR" (Video)

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Jay Fizzle's Memphis Rise Captured in Dynamic "YBR"
Jay Fizzle showcases his journey to success in the Memphis music world with the release of his latest video 'YBR'. The track, a highlight from his recent project 'FCK BEING FAMOUS,' celebrates his rise, emphasizing his self-reliance and fortune over fame. The 'YBR' video brings Jay Fizzle to New York City, where he commands attention, whether dining in high-end restaurants or showcasing the latest fashion trends. Fizzle's confident demeanor in the video mirrors his lyrical prowess, reflecting his self-acclaimed status as young, Black, and rich. The 'FCK BEING FAMOUS' project, continuing the momentum from his 2022 tape 'DonaFizzo', features collaborations with artists like 03 Greedo and Kash Mirr, highlighting Fizzle's versatility and chemistry with other rap legends. As Paper Route Empire's longest-tenured signee, Fizzle is not only following in the footsteps of Dolph but also carving his own path with his deep understanding of Memphis music and an unapologetic approach to his art.

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