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Embark on a head-nodding journey with "THE DEZO KNOCK", a hard-hitting Hip-Hop instrumental by renowned Hip-Hop Producer DEZO WILLIAMS. This track, from his DEZO DAILY INSTRUMENTAL SERIES is a rhythmic masterpiece that seamlessly blends banging drums and hypnotizing percussion.

THE DEZO KNOCK is not just a beat.. it's a pulse that demands attention while setting the perfect tone. Whether you're a rapper searching for the perfect track to freestyle to or a content creator in need of an impactful backdrop, “THE DEZO KNOCK” has the energy to elevate your vibes.

Having previously contributed impactful instrumental albums like BAGELS, DIRTY MUZIK and BOOM BAP MEMORIES as well as producing tracks for Oscar-Winning Film, Hulu Series or Hip-Hop Royalty M.O.P,
DEZO continues to shape the sound of the season with “THE DEZO KNOCK” and his DEZO DAILY INSTRUMENTAL SERIES

Prepare for an artist not only setting the mood for a new musical chapter, but also lights the path.
THE DEZO KNOCK awaits you!

Check out the single below and save it on your favorite streaming platform.

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