Classified and Mike Boyd Team Up in "Hardy Boyds"

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Explore Hardy Boyds by Classified feat. Mike Boyd
Classified's latest release 'Hardy Boyds', featuring his brother Mike Boyd, marks a significant moment in hip-hop, released on December 1. This track shines as a key collaboration in Classified's career, showcasing a unique connection with Mike Boyd.

Set to the rhythm of old-school boom bap beats, the song captures the essence of their shared hip-hop heritage. The track is a reflection of family, resilience, and authenticity. With clever wordplay and references, 'Hardy Boyds' blends humor and nostalgia with a modern twist. Anticipation is high for Classified's upcoming album, which will feature this track. Classified, a major figure in Canadian hip-hop, continues to innovate with each new release. The song has quickly gained attention from hip-hop fans for its blend of traditional and modern elements. 'Hardy Boyds' is notable for its tribute to the golden age of hip-hop while maintaining a fresh and relevant sound.

This release is a celebration of Classified's journey in the music industry, highlighting the importance of roots and originality.

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