TG Fee's 'The Highest (EP)': A Quick Dive into Underground Hip-Hop Excellence

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TG Fee is making waves with 'The Highest (EP),' and you should be on board. In just 14 minutes, this Chicago rapper serves up a concentrated dose of musical genius that's not to be missed.

This compact EP houses eight tracks, each bringing something unique to the table. It's a quick listen, but Fee's storytelling and creativity pack a punch.


The production on 'The Highest (EP)' is top-notch. Tracks like 'ThreePs' combine smooth jazz samples with modern beats, creating a mesmerizing sonic landscape. The EP oozes a chill vibe that's impossible to resist.


ALLiKnow, a fellow member of Fee's collective, joins in for a feature. If you remember his standout verse on Austin's project, you'll be pleased to know he's brought his A-game once again.


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This EP is a showcase of TG Fee's talent and versatility. It's a quick hit of hip-hop excellence that'll leave you hungry for more.


Don't wait to experience 'The Highest (EP)' by TG Fee. Dive in and discover the world of this rising star in the rap scene. You won't be disappointed, and you'll be left eagerly anticipating what's next.

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