Deyquan Nesbit: Nurturing Harlem’s Future from the Streets to the Boardroom

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In the bustling heart of Harlem, where the echoes of history reverberate through its streets, one man has emerged as a symbol of ambition, resilience, and community spirit. Deyquan Nesbit, affectionately known as Dey, has not only defied the odds but has become a driving force in shaping the future of the neighborhood that raised him.

“I am really a product of the environment, I am the embodiment of Harlem at its perfection…all of the connections I have made along the way, led me to where I am today.”

Dey’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of education and determination. Raised in the historic Polo Grounds Towers, Dey’s roots run deep in a community renowned for its cultural richness and enduring legacy. His academic pursuits reflect an early aptitude for numbers, culminating in the achievement of three distinguished degrees—a testament to his unwavering commitment to education.

Armed with an associate degree in accounting and a bachelor’s degree in finance, Dey’s intellectual curiosity led him further. He earned an MBA in Economic Crime Investigation, showcasing a passion for unraveling the complexities of financial regulations and fraud prevention.

His professional trajectory unfolded in the dynamic world of banking compliance, where Dey delved into transaction monitoring, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) strategies, and the intricate landscape of financial crimes. Rising through the ranks, he assumed leadership roles, steering a team through challenges, including federal consent orders, with a remarkable resilience that earned the company a reputation for excellence.

Beyond the corporate realm, Dey’s heart remained in Harlem. Recognizing the neighborhood’s potential for growth, he founded an advisory company, empowering individuals and businesses to navigate financial intricacies. His commitment culminated in the establishment of the Universal Currency Chamber (UCC) in 2021, a non-profit organization dedicated to financial literacy, education, and philanthropy.

“We stand as a beacon for self-education, community consciousness and community development.”

The UCC, set to open its storefront community center in December 2023, reflects Dey’s deep connection to Harlem. Inspired by the legacies of Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Noble Drew Ali, and Elijah Muhammad, the organization aims to uplift the black community through programs such as Introduction to Trades, Financial Literacy Workshops, Path to Homeownership, Investment Strategies, and more. The core focus on STEAM for younger participants ensures a holistic approach to education.

In Deyquan Nesbit, Harlem has not just a success story but a dedicated advocate for its flourishing future. His journey, marked by relentless pursuit of knowledge, leadership, and a profound commitment to community, stands as a beacon of inspiration for the generations that follow. As the UCC opens its doors, Dey continues to bridge the gap between his past and the future he envisions for Harlem—one of empowerment, education, and enduring success.

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