Corey Terrell's Music & Medicine Continues To Lead the Industry

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Corey Terrell is the founder, future trust fund holder, & fiancé to Anaya Dews. He is also the brother of Caleb & Ciara son of Corrie & Courtney looking to establish a trust fund. He founded a print marketing magazine company by the name of Music & Medicine that does marketing and consultations.

He recently released a solo project titled "Time pieces". Corey Terrell who does business as Dj French Bread under his LLC just dropped & released an album tonight the night before Thanksgiving.

This album is a follow up to Compact Disc, “Digital” a demo tape by Johnny Ka$h & a dj complication album titled “Checks & Balances” by artists such as DNote, Guap, Cho$en, Johnny Ka$h, 1k Meez and much more all released before the end of 2023!

Corey Terrell continues to expand as a realtor and future trustee holder as a director for inland records and realtor for NHNR if not another brokerage.

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