Blu & Nottz Drop 'Marcus Garvey' Single from Upcoming Afrika LP

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Blu and Nottz are stirring the music scene once again with their latest single, 'Marcus Garvey', from their anticipated LP, 'Afrika', set to release on December 8. This single, featuring the talents of Shad and Quelle Chris, is not just a track; it's a powerful homage to African roots and history. The duo, known for their 2018 hit 'Gods In The Spirit, Titans In The Flesh', are taking their music to new heights. 'Marcus Garvey' resonates with Blu's deep connection to his African ancestry, a theme central to the entire 'Afrika' album. Listeners can expect a blend of poignant lyrics and captivating beats, creating an experience that transcends typical hip-hop boundaries. This single sets the stage for an LP that promises to be a celebration of cultural heritage and musical genius.

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