Jay Fizzle & SNUPE BANDZ Light Up Memphis With "Good Fellas" Video

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Good Fellas
Step into the vibrant world of Memphis hip hop with Jay Fizzle & SNUPE BANDZ's "Good Fellas" video. As part of the Paper Route Empire family, these two are no strangers to the game. Their latest offering is a gritty depiction of street loyalty and treachery. With "Good Fellas" being a highlight from Fizzle’s album, F*CK BEING FAMOUS, it's no wonder fans are turning heads. The song's addictive rhythm, paired with a bouncy piano, is pure fire. Ray Ray iFilm takes the directorial helm, crafting a tale reminiscent of classic mobster dramas. In the sprawling Memphis scene, Jay Fizzle & SNUPE BANDZ's "Good Fellas" video stands tall, cementing their place as true hip hop royals. Don't miss out on this dynamic duo's raw energy and unmatched chemistry.

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