Shaun Esko - "2020's" (Single & Video)


Detroit-based rapper Shaun Esko has poured his raw emotions and personal experiences into his latest song "2020s". This track, born from the depths of adversity, serves as a testament to Shaun's resilience and artistic expression.

The song was recorded during a challenging period in Shaun's life. Struggling with his own battles, he faced the illness of his beloved partner and turmoil in their relationship. Tragedy struck when his closest friend fell seriously ill and ultimately lost his battle. To add to the weight of his circumstances, Shaun was also faced with a sudden job loss.

The studio became Shaun's sanctuary during this tumultuous time. It was within those four walls that he found solace, pouring his heart and soul into his music. The result is "2020s", a reflection of Shaun's journey through hardship.

Shaun Esko - "2020's" (Single & Video) Shaun Esko - "2020's" (Single & Video) Reviewed by Michael on 9/15/2023 Rating: 5

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