Dj French Bread Announces Highly Anticipated Issue 3 of “Music & Medicine” Magazine

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Corey Terrell is a globally recognized dj who also makes beats and has held an Internship with Inland Records and NHNR for around 3 years now. 

He just announced the 3rd issue of “Music & Medicine” Magazine, which contains Barber Kevin, a talented hair cutter, savage storm basketball tryouts for boys & girls 1-8th grade, investment tips, A Double M productions promotion for an author by the name of Michael Reese, Demo tape advertisements for Johnny Ka$h & Dj French Bread collab, to present to A&Rs & much more such as Destiny Agubata’s article and interview.

Destiny Agubata’s interview was held with Coach U for she is an ESPN top 100 basketball player, the athlete is anticipating many NIL deals College scholarships as well as camps like the “John Wooden Classic” in early October in Las Vegas around the 12-15th.

This interview and other features for “Music & Medicine” Magazine have all been highly reviewed. As a marketing and consulting company, Dj French Bread also know as Corey Terrell will continue to bring that drive to bring “Music & Medicine” into audiences hands as the expansion of business continues to grow.

Music & Medicine is working on an application compatible for iOS and android. The classic marketing consulting company started up in 2019 and has been expanding every sense.

If you are looking to be sponsored featured in the magazine contact Corey Terrell the founder of “Music & Medicine” Magazine as the business continues to grow and fractional ownership continues to divide. The company is looking for partners investors for those are the true founders from the “Heart of the streets”.

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