Okito - "Holiday" (Video)


'Holiday' is the first single from Okito's new album 'Dystopian Heart Vol 2'. The follow up to his critically acclaim 'Dystopian Heart'.

Dystopian Heart Vol 2 hails the return of the ‘Breaks and Blues’. Covering the birth, joy and end of relationships. “Music is an outlet for me. It’s like therapy. So I express real world love and angst through it.” Almost entirely written, produced, engineered and mixed by Okito himself, the album took shape over a 2 year period. “When I started working on this new project, I felt far more at ease with the sound I was producing. During the recording of the first project it was 100% experimental. During the recording of Vol 2, I had a target, and I knew where I was aiming. I think the result is a much more fluid experience”

Okito - "Holiday" (Video) Okito - "Holiday" (Video) Reviewed by Michael on 8/31/2023 Rating: 5

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