Lexa Terrestrial Shares New Single “X Files”

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Energetic and innovative Pittsburgh hip-hop artist Lexa Terrestrial is back with a bang, dropping her latest single "X Files" – a gravity-defying track that takes listeners on a wild ride through the uncharted territories of music. Known for her rapid-fire rapping skills and distinct fashion sense, Lexa Terrestrial has solidified her position as a trailblazer in the music industry after previously featuring in XXL’s Freshman Issue.

Lexa Terrestrial seamlessly blends trap, grunge, ‘90s R&B, lo-fi raps, melodies and even metal to create her unique and captivating sound. Her versatility has seen her share the stage with some of hip-hop's heavy hitters, including Hopsin, Taylor Gang (Wiz Khalifa), Bone Thugs, Rittz, Logic & Jarren Benton, DreamDoll, Dizzy Wright, OMENXIII and pop/rock acts such as Jeffree Star, The Millionaires, Freezepop, September Mourning, as well as various DJs, including mashup artist Girltalk. Additionally, Lexa's magnetic performances have garnered her a loyal fanbase at prestigious events such as Anime Conventions, Art Basel, and SXSW.

Lexa Terrestrial's journey has not been without its challenges. Five years ago, she was diagnosed with a rare breathing condition, which nearly claimed her life in 2019. However, her indomitable spirit and passion for music have empowered her to share her story through her art, creating a connection with her audience that goes beyond the bounds of the ordinary.

The latest addition to her repertoire, "X Files", delves into the enigmatic concept of extraterrestrial life. Lexa's thought-provoking lyrics lead listeners to question the existence of life beyond our planet. “We question if other life is out there... It is... It's not even just out there, it's here”, says Lexa. The single cleverly weaves two metaphors together, expressing her identity as an alien and her belief in the return of her people to save humanity from its inevitable downfall.

Speaking about the inspiration behind "X Files", Lexa says, "I had vicious lyrics scattered throughout my rap book. A producer from overseas named Macbeats999 contacted me and sent me a bunch of beats. By the grace of God, he had sampled The X-Files and turned it into a dark, sexy trap beat, which fit the style I was going for perfectly. At this point in my career, I was dabbling with my love for hardcore, choppers, impossibly fast raps and also my different, unique vocal abilities. It was like fate."

Embracing her individuality and defying stereotypes, Lexa Terrestrial adds, "Often taken back by my size and appearance, I wanted people to be like, 'Who is this girl?' Or question if it even is one. The song, its impressively low registers and bass all hit so well and will make your car and bones vibrate. I want to make those that need it feel like a badass when they listen to it."

"X Files" is more than just a song; it's a testament to Lexa Terrestrial's resilience, creativity and unwavering belief in herself and her craft. Her music aims to inspire, uplift and captivate audiences, instilling a sense of empowerment and wonder within listeners. Join Lexa Terrestrial on her intergalactic journey, and experience the powerful energy of “X Files”. The track is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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