KJ-Wol - Stay Solid (Album)

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Charleston-based producer KJ-Wol is thrilled to announce the release of his debut album, "Stay Solid." This album is a vibrant homage to the golden era of boom-bap and old-school Hip Hop, infused with KJ-Wol's unique perspective. With a lineup of exciting collaborators and a meticulously crafted sound, "Stay Solid" is set to captivate listeners with its nostalgic yet fresh vibes.

Featuring a dynamic roster of emerging artists, "Stay Solid" is a collaborative effort that showcases the diverse talents of both KJ-Wol and his fellow artists through smooth flows and on mellow beats.

Taking full ownership of the production process, KJ-Wol not only conceptualized and composed the album but also expertly handled the mixing and mastering.

KJ-Wol shares: "I got inspired to do this project after I heard Logic's 'Vinyl Days.' It reminded me of when I was younger and fell in love with Hip Hop after hearing my older brother play A Tribe Called Quest and Mobb Deep."

Highlighting his favorite tracks from the project, KJ-Wol points to "Beautiful Girls," "Stop Playing Girl," and "Aftermath" as the standouts that embody the essence of the album.

"Stay Solid" is a testament to the enduring influence of classic Hip Hop on the contemporary music landscape.

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