Dirty Needles - Rookie Card (ft Supastition)

Cleveland, Ohio based emcee, Dirty Needles returns with "Rookie Card", featuring Supastition.

The collaboration, a long-held dream for Dirty Needles, showcases his admiration for Supastition's artistry.
The track not only delivers an irresistible beat but also demonstrates Dirty Needles' lyrical prowess as he holds his own alongside Supastition.

Originally intended for his previous project "The Loot Box," scheduling conflicts postponed the song's completion, making its release now even more thrilling.

"Rookie Card" stands as a testament to Dirty Needles' journey and growth as an artist and demands the respect he deserves as an MC.
Dirty Needles - Rookie Card (ft Supastition) Dirty Needles - Rookie Card (ft Supastition) Reviewed by Michael on 8/27/2023 Rating: 5

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