CHIKA Drops Bold Debut "SAMSON: The Album"

Grammy-nominated artist, CHIKA, presents her audacious debut album, "SAMSON: The Album". A masterful fusion of her intense passion and immaculate lyrical flow, the album serves as a testament to the power of self-worth. Teaming up with giants like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Stevie Wonder, CHIKA takes us on a deeply personal journey, combining her unique insights with the profound strength of the biblical figure Samson. The album features singles "MAD", "DEMIGOD", and “Requiem For a Dream", weaving stories of her experiences in the music industry and personal introspection.

CHIKA Drops Bold Debut "SAMSON: The Album"  CHIKA Drops Bold Debut "SAMSON: The Album" Reviewed by Michael on 8/03/2023 Rating: 5

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