Gibran B.: Videographer & CEO of Exclusively Known

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Gibran B
Gibran B., an accomplished videographer and CEO of rising indie platform Exclusively Known, has an impressive story to tell. Hailing from the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Gibran graduated college in 2010 and began his videography journey shortly thereafter. With no formal training or professional help, Gibran taught himself the ins and outs of his craft after his dream of playing professional baseball didn’t pan out.

Gibran’s first ever shoot was a vlog for DJ Locorious, which taught him a valuable lesson: He had to figure it out on his own and never look back. He took this experience to heart and has since worked with some big names such as Cam’ron, Dame Dash, French Montana, Twondon and Sen City.

It comes as no surprise then that Gibran would also launch Exclusively Known – a media platform designed specifically for independent and unsigned artists to express themselves in ways mainstream artists cannot. Instead of being overshadowed by those who are more widely known, Exclusively Known provides an open stage for these individuals to shine like they deserve, hence the name.

So what can people expect from EK in the next few months? Well, they have a few exciting concepts planned that aim to highlight talent that many might overlook. Additionally, they aim to become the number one media platform for independent and unsigned artists within five years – an ambitious goal!
So if you’re an artist or content creator looking for someone to shoot your latest video project then look no further than Gibran B at Exclusively Known – BE SEEN!

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