Exclusive Interview: Ra Tha God

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1.) How would you describe your music

I would say my music is more of a mixture of chill with a bit of upbeat tempo. My music depicts certain situations I’ve been in or dealt with. I want the listeners to understand who I am.

2.) Tell us about your latest releases

My new release "Hold On" is a powerful anthem that reminds us all to leave behind our past traumas and embrace the present moment. It's a reminder that healing and growth are possible, and that every new relationship deserves a fresh start.

The lyrics are a heartfelt testament to the power of resilience and vulnerability. Through the verses, we explore the struggles, doubts, and fears that come with opening your heart again after being hurt. But we also celebrate the strength it takes to take that leap of faith and believe in the possibility of a beautiful love story.

3.) Describe your creative process

Like I said before, I tend to make music around my past life situation so it ain’t hard to make a sound. If I have a situation I want to make a song about, usually go for a drive in my car just to gather my thoughts and figure out the type of structure for the song. 

4.) What do you enjoy most about being an artist?

I enjoy the creative aspect of making music. There isn’t a right or wrong way of creating music. Creating music allows you to experiment on new techniques or methods to hone your skills to making everlasting music. If it resonates with you, most if not often it will resonate with others

5.) What is your main inspiration?

My main inspiration is my family. They hold me down so I can tap into my creative side in order to bring my ideas to life. I put in a lot of hours into the music and they understand my reasons for it. I can say I have a healthy work life balance. They’re the foundation to everything I do.

6.) What musician do you admire most and why?

I admire J Cole because,  I can relate to his music. His storytelling abilities makes him one of the best to do it. He has a wide range and   versatility is by far bar none! He can jump on any beat and deliver a mind blowing verse.

7.) Peace to you is...

Peace to me is being able to do what you love doing. As for me, making music is my peace. It’s my outlet that helps me portray my thoughts to my fans.

8.) What's next for you in 2023? 

I plan to continue to make good music that resonates with my audience and network with other artist that aligns with my vision.

9.) Where can we find your latest releases? 

You can find my music on all streaming platforms under Ra Tha God.

10.) Any last words for the readers?

Yeah, If you made it this far, I appreciate you for reading and getting an understanding of who I am. If you want to reach out, hit me on Instagram at Ra.Tha.God.Official


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