WHOKILLEDXIX Debuts Innovative Single '9MM': Immersive Dystopian Hip-Hop - Premiering on Twitch & Teasing Lore, Vol. 2 EP

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WHOKILLEDXIX releases an electrifying new single '9MM', blending old-school hip-hop with innovative use of gun sounds as percussion, premiering on Twitch on May 22nd. Duo Karm The Tool and Yung Skayda keep pushing boundaries as they self-produced this incendiary track, teasing their upcoming project Lore, Vol. 2 EP, set to drop on July 14. This EP will serve as the soundtrack to an anticipated physical and digital comic book, featuring characters JAK, CHAIN, KID, and MAGICMAN. Enter their immersive world for an unforgettable hip-hop experience.

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