JayO IVXX - "Up Now"

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Rising artist JayO IVXX claims his spot amongst the new wave of NYC artists with his brand-new banger, “Up Now,” featuring speaker-rattling production from Taylor Gatson.

The track is the latest we’re hearing from the emcee’s forthcoming album, God’s Gift, and it serves as a celebration of the Bronx native’s come-up. Throughout “Up Now,” he makes it clear how his life has changed since he started his music career, including being able to take care of his mama and no longer needing to run from the cops.

When JayO raps the following bars on the bridge—“I do this for the block/ A combination of Jay Z and ‘Pac”—it feels like a mission statement blended with a quick-and-easy intro to his style. He’s got his borough on his back and is proud to be influenced by some of rap’s greatest names, and it’s easy to hear how he’s taken their melodic, hard-lived styles and injected it into his own.

Head over to your preferred streaming platform to support, “Up Now,” and stay tuned for more updates and content on the release of God’s Gift, due out early 2024 through JayO’s own Syndicate 420 label.

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