Dosha Burna ft. Dylan Cage - "Tonight" & "Mr. Medicinal 6" (Album)

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With his sixth installment in the Mr.Medicinal series my brotha Dosha Burna Doesn’t disappoint with this one with stand out tracks like the Fix, On Top, Small Chronic Break and Tonight just to name a few.. 

He takes smooth beats and gives you a vibe that you will definitely want to sit back and roll up something nice or pour a drink are even just ride around with the windows down with your lady this is the album for that. Just in time for the summer 

Dosha Burna always raises the bar when he comes out with his classic Mr. Medicinal albums and with this one he did just that y’all have to catch up with him because he is on a new high with no signs of slowing down Maryland we got a special one and his name is Dosha Burna.

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