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Driver Or Driven was conceptualized at a time when Es had a moment to reflect on where he was at with his art. As an independent artist, the journey is filled with peaks and valleys. Obstacles are par for the course. Ongoing battles with self-doubt are a real thing. Remaining focused on the mission at hand amid the distractions is also a challenge we face as artists. Grabbing the bull by the horns and making things happen despite the obstacles in front of us is an important theme touched on. Es decided to internalize some of these relatable themes on this project.

Driver Or Driven asks a few questions. Are you the type to take control of your destiny (driver) and be accountable for your actions or are you the type to sit back and wait for a handout (passenger seat rider)? These are some of the thoughts and takeaways following a listen to this project. This project is dedicated to the grinders and go-getters.

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