VA's Wildboy Drops "KICKADOESH*T"

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Wildboy(@wildboy_ywr), aka Steven Jones, is back in action following his recent stint in prison. The Norfolk, Virginia rapper knew he wanted to be an MC since 2013. His newest visual, "KICKADOESHIT," is the latest visual from his debut mixtape, The Wildest. The 11-track project had the streets in a frenzy as soon as it dropped. Fans can see him in his newest video lifting weights and flexing in a fire whip while reciting his brazen lyrics. Wildboy is shining double time to make up for all the time he was locked in a cell.

Wildboy lives by three words, young, wild, and rich(YWR). Where he is from, that is what everyone aspires to become. Not too many people make it from his neighborhood. After seeing over 5,000 people with light shining on him opening up for Polo G in his hometown, he knew he was built for the industry. Wildboy has co-signs from Virginia street legends like Young Money Yawn, Young Crazy, and more. The stage is set for his forthcoming mixtape, 2WILD. His fans are tapped in and are ready to support him more than ever. Wildboy knows the pressure that comes with life, but he doesn't shy away from his goals.

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