Ightkni Shares "Understand It"

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 Being heard is essential to Ighkhi's success. The rising rapper's ability to analyze his thoughts and offer others the courage to speak out comes from the combination of his emotional voice and unfiltered honesty in creating fascinating trench tales of achievement and tragedy.

He was influenced by rappers like Lil Wayne and 50 Cent when he wrote his first raps at a young age. Ightkhi went to a studio in Lexington when he was an adult and recorded his first few records there. Since then, he's amassed several thousand views and put out a number of music videos that have climbed to the mainstream.

Through his honest narration, he delves into his own feelings and encourages his listeners to do the same. Lighthearted lyricism and breezy melodies characterize the works of Ighkhi, which include a beautiful combination of sounds evocative of Midwest rap, R&B, and punch-in music from the early 2000s and today.

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