Fool Boy Marley Lives In His Truth On "Herpes Disclosure" (2022)

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Detroit wordsmith Fool Boy Marley (@FoolBoyMarleybares all on his latest audio release. Titled "Herpes Disclosure," the reflective track strips Marley of all ego as he details one of his life's darkest moments. The somber track from the Motor City lyricist paints the picture of his experiences since finding out he was diagnosed with Herpes. Directly after the diagnosis, Marley had open heart surgery and worked his way through his depression to finally live in his truth. His newest record is his most vulnerable yet brave release to date.

Fool Boy Marley's passion for creating brought him solace during this process. His newest drop is admirable as he looks to use his story to change the narrative on Herpes and other STDs. He knows that many stigmas come with it, and he hopes to be an advocate to educate anyone willing to learn more about living with the disease. "I didn't have anyone to hold me down, but see, I persevered," said the Michigan native on his 2022 debut "Herpes Disclosure."

Fool Boy Marley uses his soulful tone and impactful songwriting to paint a picture of every song. This time around, his own life was his inspiration. The passionate songwriter knows how important it is to let the world know what he has been going through. After surviving an open heart surgery and his bout with depression, he is ready to open up in a significant way. These recent obstacles prompted him to create his new clothing brand, LOOK NO FURTHER. The brand's mission is to help customers embrace their inner power and encourage others to do it. 

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