Q. Garvin - "Quaker Lane Flows"

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Q. Garvin is coming off the heels of his Olympian boxer Troy Isley approved "Come N Find Mewith a different styleThis time around, Q is showing a more genuine side to himself. His heartfelt moderate-paced record, "Quaker Lane Flows," is stripped down so that you feel every lyric. The overly honest record features mentions of essential people in his life, his heartbreaks, and his family. Growing up as a black man, there are many various stresses and pressure that they feel. This song speaks to those feelings without running from them. He admits his mistakes in the Drake-Esque vulnerable style track.

 Q has been through a lot. Disagreements with family, leaving school early, and other misfires have led him to this point. At the end of the record, you hear a lady friend send a smooth voicemail that seemed to inspire the calming record. Not everyone is going to feel you. Q. Garvin stays solid because he knows that his closest friends will always have his back. He will never fail because he will never give up. With the holidays coming around, these reflective records seem to hit differently. 

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