Humphrey Bogard Continues To Let His Voice Be Heard Through Music

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Talented is an understatement to describe the Connecticut rapper, Humphrey Bogard, because his level of creativity is limitless in worth.

Stamford, CT resident, Andre Humphrey goes by the rap alias, Humphrey Bogard who spits nothing but heat over any instrumental he touches. Humphrey Bogard’s passion for creativity was noticed in his love for performing arts, dance, drama, and music from the age of eight. That increasing desire overflowed into the field of hip hop, where his attraction to rhyme schemes and flows developed as he rapped along with his favorite Emcees. Having taken drum lessons in the fifth grade and making the transition into Bridgeport, CT, his mind was exposed to new cultures and genres of music. This inspired his interest in the art of DJing and after years of delving deeper into the music industry, his voice as an artist emerged.

With a new chapter lying in wait, Humphrey Bogard began releasing music that extended his voice unto the masses, quickly building a loyal fanbase. Everyone that heard his music was impressed with his level of lyricism. Humphrey Bogard took his career a step higher, letting his skills be known in cypher circuits among local friends. Word of his musical abilities continued to spread, and with greater recognition he teamed up with fellow rapper and cousin, Steven Allen Davis to create the rap duo, Conn Artist. The chemistry between the two was ecstasy to the ears. After releasing back to back bangers, Humphrey Bogard kept the momentum flowing, collaborating in popular studios with renowned producers and moving the crowd in opening performances for mainstream rap groups.

To date, Humphrey Bogard has an extending catalog of mixtapes and videos along with performances that still has fans on a high. His hip-hop single, “GIMME MY MONEY” has been setting the internet on fire with energy packed lyricism over the heavy hitting instrumental. Humphrey Bogard is a standup guy and one in a lifetime artist that is well on his way to mainstream success. 

Follow the artist on social media: @officialHumphreyBogard

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