SinSeer F/ SOS Valentino & Canary - "Bankroll"

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SinSeer is one of the smoothest rappers coming out of the DMV. His attention to detail and strong work ethic has helped him build a sizeable buzz in his region and beyond. As of late, his music has been distributed by the ATL-based collective Platter Boyz. His upbringing in the streets has helped him create his battle-tested stories in his music. It is not easy coming up in the DMV but Sin-Seer does not let his circumstances defeat him or determine his future. 

His new single "Bankroll" is a catchy tune that has contributions from SoS Valentino & Canary. The trio all put their best foot forward on the playlist-friendly track. SinSeer is always going to give his all when he gets on the mic. He never had a problem making money but he wants music to be his main source of income. Growing up as a fan of Nipsey, Jay-Z, and Ross, SinSeer lives to rap about the hustle. His life is real unlike many rappers and he is here to shine a light on some authenticity.

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