Tre Romell Drops 'Slow Grind 3' EP + Visual For "Monster"

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Tre Romell (@TreRomellis looking to do his part to represent his hometown of Woodbridge, Virginia. VA is home to some of the most talented creatives of all time. Inspired by the likes of PharellTimbaland, and Missy Elliot, many artists from VA are looking to show their art. Up next, Tre is excited to leave his mark and express himself. Life is at the core of every artist's story. Whether good or bad, these stories are what drives the creative nature of many. His new project 'Slow Grind 3' shows that the up and coming rapper is a "Monster". He knows that he was destined for wins and this project is a step in that direction.

Tre Romell's story is built around loss and heartbreak mixed with pain. This turned him up and helped create a new sense of urgency in his life. His raps show that he is looking to become bigger over time. He is really outside and he is not looking to be outdone by people who are faking their life. The hard-hitting production from Virginia's Al Feury and his well-placed features from Jetlife Records own Black Cobain and the uber-talented songstress Mayah Dyson set the tone for a solid 8 tracks. 

His newest project will be paired with some interesting visuals to keep the momentum up. His newest video is for his single "Monster" which shows Tre is not sticking to his normal script. His interest is showing that he is going next level and these new moves are showing that. VA is on a wave right now and Tre is poised to ride right into some success if he keeps up the good work. 

Check out his new EP 'Slow Grind 3' and peep his latest visual for the intro "Monster" here today!

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