The #1 Song for Summer 2021 is Bubblegum by Groove Kennedy

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The official song of the summer has been declared. The winning song is, “Bubblegum” by Groove Kennedy. Bubblegum has over 250,000 thousand sound usages on the music app, Tik Tok, over 1 million views on spotify and youtube, but most importantly it  has been declared the hottest song of the summer by everyone from Kanye West to Bob Lefsetz. 

Kanye Kardasian West mentioned the song in an interview when talking about his own album, Donda. He also wanted to point out that he isn’t saying Bubblegum is better than anything on his Donda album, just that he liked the song, and so far it is the “song of the summer.” 

Music critic and email blaster/blogger, Bob Lefsetz mentioned the song on his radio show while discussing the reddit stock market phenomenon with Gamestop. Lefsetz has also mentioned other hot songs this summer including the now trending song, Seventeen Going Under by Sam Fender. Lefsetz is known for his music blog in which he takes money from major labels to act as if he “just discovered” hit songs that just happen to be on major labels paying him. 

“Bubblegum” is the lead single from the compilation album, Evil, In Diana, an album produced entirely by Groove Kennedy and consisting of 7 artists signed to his label, Jesus Rode a Dinosaur. The song premiered on hip hop’s biggest website, AllHipHop in June. The single and entire album are both available at 

Enjoy Bubblegum by Groove Kennedy below

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