Bugatti203 F/ JuS CODE - "100 Wit Ya"

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Bugatti203 is a fire up-and-coming act from Connecticut. His impressive energy and melodic side are seen in his new JuS CODE-assisted single, "100 Wit You". Bugatti's voice pierces through as he and JuS croon together to create a memorable record. There are not many people who can switch flows like Bugatti203, he seems to be able to pair with just about anyone. This new single is coming on the heels of his latest singles "Wave Only" & 'Coolatta'. It is known that he is a boss in New Haven. 

New music is abundant nowadays. Bugatti203 trusts his creative skills to become one of the bigger artists in his area. The new single is something that can be heard on the radio or in any club at the moment. Not necessarily a banger but a heartfelt smash that anyone can relate to. Telling the truth is harder than it should be and that is all the CT-based creative wants from his partners.

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