AUTASIA AND RASHEDA DELOACH: The Journey and the future

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During the early years, Jigg University was a place where people could practice and perform dancing. Dancers included mostly individuals from Baton Rouge. The constant partying and activities made Jigg University labeled as a well-known carousing school. After the label, Jigg University now looks out for talented people. They audition the local people who have talents like videography, DJs, music artists. 

The Jigg University selects these talented people and turns them into ideal young talent. Unlike the classroom, the Jigg University maintains a healthy level of environment. It supports and fills the students with confidence and enthusiasm. Even though passing out from Jigg University might seem easy, it is not.

Who are Austasia and Rasheda De'loach

The famous duo, Austasia and Rasheda De'loach, were once a part of Jigg University. They both were siblings who went to Jigg University. They both were very talented. During their childhood, both of them had a special talent in the field of music. Austasia and Rasheda De'loach were aware of their abilities. They knew that they had the talent of fixing music, and they mastered fluency from the start.

They both were great in their respective fields and could do things that others can't even think about. They both were not only powerful or talented together. But they both had separate talents as well. Rasheda De'loach was amazing with the Lyrics. He could write his lines for the music as well. And due to this talent, he was able to recreate some of the most popular songs too. Meanwhile, Austasia loved singing. She could sing mesmerizing tunes. 

She sang melodies by keeping a specific music genre insight. These talents helped them create the best of Jigg City's music and atmosphere. They also performed at various famous clubs present across the Jigg City.

Where are Austasia and Rasheda De'loach, and what are they up to now? 

They both have come a long way with the help of their special talents and abilities. Both of them have been noticed by the world and its famous artists. Rasheda De'loach's music was brought to attention by famous artists like Phunk Dawg and Russel Simons. It has helped him to get success in the music industry. And have made way for him to show his talent to everyone.

This success led to the recreation of his famous track "can't stop Jiggin." And it was recreated by one of the ex-members of Jigg University. It made huge records and made Rasheda more famous and successful.

Austasia learned the art of singing and playing different musical instruments. She is now a full-time nurse but still has the talent of making melodies. She now addresses issues like motivating and inspiring the black community.

Austasia and Rasheda De'loach are still the most famous duo in the music industry. Their music is popular in the world. You can listen to them on Jigg's official media account. You can even get to them by searching their username, which is addressed below.

@rashedaisthename @austasiathegoddes

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