Astronaut Boyz Inc. – now signing hip-hop artists!

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Astronaut Boyz Inc. is currently signing talented artists to come join Adrian and his award-nominated team! Send us your mixtape to and we'll be in touch.

Astronaut Boyz Inc. (ABI) was founded by Adrian Howard in 2015, messaging that authentic Hip-Hop is still very much alive. All of our artists embody this passion for idiomatic Hip-Hop/R&B. Promoting and signing raw, undiscovered, and profoundly talented artists is a key short-term objective of Astronaut Boyz Inc. Artists such as: BWillz, LPeez, Locco Dollorado, and Marcus Colloway are Adrian’s top priority as the results ABI provides for them are unmatched. From Thizzler on the Roof, to Raptology, to Street Money Radio appearances - the Astronaut Boyz have been featured in local, regional, and nationally accredited rap outlets. Choose between a studio session, an audio engineering session, or an artist promotion consultation - ABI will hook your music up to a larger national audience! If you are interested in auditioning for our team, contact ABI via our official website!

Astronaut Boyz is looking to sign YOU; developing talented undiscovered artists from around the United States. Artist development allows our carefully curated hip-hop to reach its maximum audience potential. ABI artists have been featured in the following publications:

- Thizzler on the Roof

- Hip Hop 357

- Raptology

- Street Money Radio

- Navona Records

- DWA e-blasts

- RnBass

- Spice on the Beats

-  Baum Bats IG Story

- EPN 

- RapCastle

- All Rap News

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