Jmo423 - Stash it Up

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Jonas Oertel, aka Jmo423, is a unique and talented artist able to convey into captivating rhythms, heartfelt lyrics and emotions.

Born and raised in Germany, he decided to bring his origins into his artist's name, mirroring the postal code of the town he lived in. In Vancouver, where he resides now,  he found the perfect way to merge an European vibe into a North American music atmosphere, thus delivering a solid rap inspired by artists such as UFO361, Drake, Travis Scott, Capital Bra and Kollegah. Although very appealing, Jmo423’s sound and lyrics aim to give people new perspectives, to tackle sensitive matters, to raise awareness while bravely publicly displaying, through his music, his feelings. 

Therefore, Jmo423’rap is not just any rap but a spiritual, metaphoric, message orientated discourse not to be missed. 

Jmo423 literally hits again with 'Stash It Up' the new single soon to be dropped on the 21st of September. What amazes about this young talent is his way of managing rhythm and rhymes in a unique way. 

A captivating chanting like bells-melody makes the intro to the perfect beat sailed amazingly by the peculiar timber and voice tone of Jmo423, the name behind this sound. 

The repetitions that built  this track remind of the same ones that made the classic late 90s early 00s hip hop pieces yet with a new unheard touch that becomes a sort of signature for this artist. 

While listening to this song be prepared to nod and bounce… it will surely be your best soundtrack for this fall. 

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