Algorhythm - "Earth"

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Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Algorhythm was formed by Alexander Lioubimenko (Keyboards, Vocals). Protégé of the previous Maestro of the USSR Sympho-Jazz National Orchestra Lawrence Djintcharadze, as well as a graduate from McGill University Schulich School of Music in Jazz Performance with distinction, Lioubimenko has the professional foundation and is as legitimate as it gets. When it comes to composing some of the most complex, reflective and groove based Jazz influenced music in the last decade, he has an ability to synthesize when combining a traditional sense of the Jazz genre with progressive rock. Algorhythm is an explorative vessel whose captain is Alexander Lioubimenko and is manned by his crew; Marc-Gabriel Laverrière (Guitar), Hugo Leclerc (Woodwinds), Marc Scott (Bass), and Gregory Kustka-Tsimbidis (Drums).

As a collective of individuals that each contribute an invaluable element to the music, these 5 artists come together to create a sound based on 70's prog rock and jazz. In July 2019, they immortalized three songs on a debut EP. The band also achieved great success at the Hudson Music Festival by receiving the best overall performance award that same year. Exploration of musical boundaries, experimentation, improvisation and space govern the thematic of Algorhythm. Speaking of space, this brings us to Algorhythm's next chapter in their career:

'Earth' is the title of their newest single. The song tells a story of travelling through space and time. Much like the lyrical themes, listening to this track really feels like a musical journey, one with which every member of the group plays a key part in its development. A mystical sounding arpeggio followed by some ominous bass lines begin our journey through this track, with everyone eventually joining in. 'Earth' is a very interactive song for the band. During the spoken verses, the musicians converse with Alexander Lioubimenko – improvising in accordance with the lyrics. The vibe they create is very open with a lot of musical room resembling the vast void in space. Along with a nice layer of saxophone and some ripping guitar that intensifies the feel of this tune, 'Earth' is bound to connect with fans of Progressive Rock and Jazz music. This is but a taste of the band's plans for 2020, as they will be releasing an album later this year that displays their wide array of talent and creativity within the genre.

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