Wettworker - "Into The Ground" (Video)

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Christoph Leon will wake you up through an “angsty experimental punk-infused science-fiction hip-hop” as he defines his music. Through his fictional alter-ego Wettworker, an artist name that carries very personal meanings, he embodies a deep metaphor critical to the current state of hip-hop music and its reflection into pop culture.

In his upcoming album The Legend of the Thugeater, experimentation goes hand in hand with his deep knowledge of a wide spectrum of music genres from hiphop to punk to metal to reggae to dub that, mixed with his skills as producer, generates a unique sound - sometimes groovy, sometimes dark and heavy. With a few new releases since the end of 2019, Wettworker's music has hit the ground running picking up incredible momentum since the start of 2020. Last month, his single 'Are You Okay?(Ft. Cubbiebear) was released through Strange Famous Records and achieved critical success within the Hip-Hop genre in Canada and abroad. Picking up on that momentum, he is now ready to introduce us to more of his unique, experimental flavour of Hip-Hop.

From a sort of alter space, an invisible one, slowly a melody sang by a feminine voice arises, bringing reminiscences of some old Celtic songs: this is only the intro of Wettworker' new single 'Into The Ground (Ft. Arctica)'.

Suddenly, Wettworker’s voice cracks such muffled atmosphere with a haunting rhythm, a word’s march, thus fracturing the leading piano melody and conferring another dimension to the overall song. 
This incredible artist always breaks the expectations, introducing to the public his multifaceted creativity able to create each time a brand new sound. 

Born in collaboration with his two friends Arctica (vocals/piano) and Matt Vass (guitar) this uncataloguable piece is the outcome of their single visions put together to deliver a dark yet intangible harmony.

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